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Would you like your next paying client this week?

You can, with three simple strategies to market your coaching business with ease – without feeling salesy


Not sure where to start?

You’re overwhelmed with too many ideas, and not sure what to prioritise. You’ve no structure, and not enough clarity on your ideal client.

You’re not making offers, and not putting yourself out there. You sabotage yourself, and aren’t comfortable selling. You don’t want to be pushy, and you have no idea where to find your potential clients.

You worry about the money running out, and having to go back to your boring unfulfilling job again.

Let’s make things simple…

With a clear marketing strategy you can BE YOU and GET CLIENTS with ease.

You can enjoy this journey, see your progress and be proud of yourself without burning yourself out.

You know that you’re meant for more. You can make a bigger impact, create retreats, live events, sell your workshops, group programs and courses.

You can charge more and make a difference.

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“I feel the magic in my life and my business”

Monica Ducu ~ Business Coach

Would you like to double your prices
and get new clients right now?
Monica did it within a week!
When you realise your value,
it’s so much easier to make offers.
Would you like similar results?

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About Wioleta

I help coaches, like you, to show up as YOU!

I help you grow and scale your soul-aligned business (your way) so you can make a difference and have the freedom to do what you want.

I believe that being yourself is your most powerful marketing and coaching tool.

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“I’m clear on my niche, where to find my clients and how to price my program.”

After finishing Wioleta’s course, I was much better equipped to engage with my coaching business . I was clear on my niche , where to find my clients and how to price my program. I identified what value I delivered to my clients and that reflected on my confidence to connect with potential clients. An excellent experience I can thoroughly recommend.

~ Krystyna Trybula

“I’ve just signed up my third paying client (1st was a couple of weeks after the course).”

I’m so much more confident. I am now clearer on my niche, who I help, the transformation I can get them. And I am so much more confident talking about coaching. I have a charging strategy that I feel comfortable with, it no longer feels like I am asking for loads of money, it feels like the right amount. I love how it hasn’t been overwhelming, it is very simple and manageable and the support from Wioleta and the others in the group has been fab 🙂

~ Charlotte Lawson

“I have a good strategy in place to start having conversations and getting people on a call”

Over the last four weeks I have accomplished so much more than I would have without doing this course. I have nailed down my niche and I am a lot more clear on who my ideal client is. I believe I have a good strategy in place to start having conversations and getting people on a call. I feel so much more confident and inspired to keep going and taking myself out of my comfort zone.

~ Jake Connolly

More clients, more structure, more calm

Imagine having a consistent flow of clients that you enjoy working with.

Imagine seeing the value of your services, charging your worth and being confident to make offers.

Imagine doing what you love and spending more time running, hiking and enjoying your life.

You can do it YOUR WAY!

I’m a New Coach
I’m an Experienced Coach
  • Be fully yourself and get paid just for being you
  • Show up authentically, share your stories, go live with confidence and host amazing workshops

  • Have clear priorities, follow a simple plan and see progress

  • Attract clients you love working with

  • Make even more difference and reach more people that need your help

“I just needed to get that first paying client to really believe”

Charlotte Lawson

Would you like people to ask “How can I work with you?”

Would you like to be confident in the value you offer?

Learn how to get paying clients in three easy steps

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