Charge your worth, consistently attract clients just by being you, make more impact and have more time for yourself.

How often do you find yourself saying ‘’I’m not sure what to focus on’’?

Imagine having the clarity of what to do next. And knowing exactly what you want...Trusting your guts and being in alignment with who you are... 

You don’t have to worry about unfinished projects any more. No more overwhelm, no more wasting time! 

After I helped to uplevel so many businesses I realised that the biggest shift they were making was to be themselves and show the world their uniqueness. I’ve been there too, from struggling to specify my niche I went to attracting perfect fit clients that need my help, are ready to invest in themselves and most importantly that I enjoy working with. Being authentic and aligned with my values helped me and many of my clients to 10 x their businesses in just a few months. When you try it for yourself, you'll be amazed by the results and how people react when you’re truly fully yourself, you will never look back again.

During personalized 1 to 1 work with me you will
-realize your uniqueness and clarify your offer
-clarify your message so you can consistently attract your ideal clients
-connect deeply to who you really are and create aligned life and business
-grow not only your business but yourself
-learn to believe what you need to believe to achieve what you want
-notice your progress and find a way to keep your momentum going
-become fully confident and aware of your worth so you can increase your prices

This is real coaching where you are the expert so I’m not going to tell you what to do, I will dig deep to help you find the answers within and keep moving forward with clarity and focus so you can spend more time doing what you love. We’ll meet on zoom video call twice a month to work through whatever you choose to.

In between the sessions you will have my unlimited support. It will be personalized to fit your needs. Whenever you’ll need to get unstuck, find out what to do next, you’ll be able to message me. Whenever you’ll need marketing strategies, reviews, feedback you’ll get mentoring and support from me. I’ll keep you accountable, on track and be there cheering you on as you keep crossing another finish line.
Once a week I’ll encourage you to feedback to me your progress to help you accomplish what you wanted and grow your confidence.

Your Investment: time, full honesty, being yourself and £500 monthly.

If you already feel like you’re the right fit to work with me, then book a call.


We’ll discuss in detail what you want to achieve and check if I’m the right coach for you.

What you’ll get
-Deep Intake session where we’ll fully discuss your expectations, goals and challenges and connect you to your dreams so you can start moving forward even before the first session
-Two 1 to 1 coaching sessions a month
-1 rewiring audio a month (to help you change your mindset and beliefs)
-Unlimited personalized support via e-mail: feedback, reviews, marketing strategies, coaching exercises etc
-20% discount for my live events, masterminds and group programs

enrol new paying

clients consistently

 She challenged me to think about whether the expectations I had on myself were necessary or just a manifestation of low self-esteem. I was not able to move forward in my life very much before working with Wioleta and re-framing my attitude (...)''

Caitie McCabe - Commercial Photographer

Having someone really listen, ask me challenging questions, and give me the opportunity to “think out loud” without judgement or advice, fast tracked my thinking and helped me see possible routes forward and the best options for getting where I wanted to go (...)

Kate Pollitt - Branding and Design Consultant

Soon as I started working with Wioleta she helped build up my self confidence, find a sense of inner peace in my self and feel more confident in my own skin to apply for all the scary jobs I did not think I was qualified for (...)''

Jakeha Jesmin - Personal Development Coach

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