Successful Coaches Club

Learn from each other, connect, brainstorm, share, 
collaborate and create together so we are not alone any more!

This is a community for you, if...


  • You’re already coaching whether in your own business or as a part of your job.


  • You continuously learn and develop as a coach and love meeting other coaches - you will be excited to join our live calls!


  • You'd like to brainstorm and bounce back ideas in a nice atmosphere where you can showcase your expertise and get the support you need.


  • You would like to have a safe space where you can discuss case studies be heard, reassured and inspired by others. Our community is a non-judgemental space where we all trust and know each other.


  • You may feel lonely in your business and would like to be around like-minded coaches, connect, learn, support and have fun together.


  • You are passionate about coaching, love talking about coaching and would like to contribute and share your experiences with other coaches.


  • You would like to explore more techniques and ideas and learn from other coaches without buying new courses.


  • You value a personal touch of a small group, where everyone knows each other, where you can be yourself and feel comfortable talking about everything.


You've finally found a community where we understand you! And we are here to empower each other to become even better.

Grow together with other successful coaches.

You will find there everything you need to grow your successful coaching business and scale-up. You will make amazing friends in the process and become even better at what you do!

Get ready for:

  • weekly masterminds with hot seats, so you can brainstorm your next steps, get creative tips and insights and keep moving forward with your projects and at the same time learn and connect with other amazing coaches.

  • monthly group calls where you can connect with each other, learn from each other and become even better in what you do. The themes will be around personal growth, business and the skills of coaching (you will choose). You will no longer feel alone in your business.

  • accountability buddy, so you can finish all the courses you started or tasks you’ve been putting off for ages and make friends that are on the same level as you.

  • monthly training with steps easy to follow (simple easy to implement chunks that will help you thrive in life and business)

  • behind the scenes training (I will share step by step in a real-time how I create and launch my group program (including plenty of marketing strategies like launch triggers, webinars, challenges, mindset tips and tools, you will have a chance to do it together with me at a real-time so we can keep each other accountable)

  • training from the best experts in the field of business and personal development, so you can learn from the best, hang around with the best and become your best.

  • access to all my webinars and live events for free

  • private facebook group - all in one place, so you don’t need to look for any websites or remember another password and you will have the only one link to zoom video calls, which will be streamed to our group anyway.

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