I'm addicted to the audiobooks

Updated: May 22, 2018

Can you imagine staying calm in the middle of the traffic jam?

Can you imagine staying calm in the middle of the traffic jam? Or happily spending hour in the kitchen?

A big pile of dirty, dry, smelly washing to do?

Not a problem. Not, since I discovered audiobooks. I am absolutely addicted. At least I am not going to die from it.

As the audiobooks have not yet been proven as deadly, I will share this with you…

It started when I was trying to manage my time productively and for the first time in my life I started taking my diary planner seriously.

So I realized that I have more on my list to do than I have the available time. In the same time I was learning to become a life coach, psychologist, counsellor, think positive and be happy.

I was watching loads of videos in the morning, whilst doing my make up. Actually I wasn’t watching these videos, I was just listening to them and this was enough. I realized that I can use time when I do my make up productively, as well as the time I spent driving to and from work.

And I discovered that I am already a bit behind because there are loads of podcasts, apps with the audiobooks, trainign and courses in audio version.

Wow!!!! Does it mean that now I can read any book I want without worrying that I haven’t got enough time, or my eyes are too tired? Oh yes, I can even do it whilst driving!!! AAAA this is amazing!!!

Since I listen to the audiobooks I actually like traffic jams, as some books are that addictive that you want to keep listening, you don’t want them to end, so the longer the traffic jam, the longer I can spend listening to the audiobook. And because they tune me in for the positive vibes,

now I am not getting angry when somebody from the other lane, which isn’t queuing, suddenly remembered that they are going my direction and I am the one who doesn’t mind to let them in front of me.

Oh yes, I’ve got a time. I enjoy my time. I keep listening to my books.

I remember when my partner seen my getting angry trying to shorten my pants and not being able to understand what has just happened with my sewing machine, he said “why don’t you read the manual for your sewing machine?” So finally I’ve watched the video on you tube about “how to use my sewing machine” as I'm short legs so I need to use my machine quite often, and not long after I have made my first dress.

And I understood. Wow!!! I can actually learn anything I want just by listening to what’s recorded on youtube or anywhere else.

By accident when I was looking for Brendon Burchard’s book “The Charge” I have noticed that amazon now sells most of the books in audio version, so I quickly downloaded their app called audible and started downloading books. Imagine 1 hr in the traffc jam means 1 book read-listened within 3 days the average. And my time utilized efficiently.

Hey!!! I can listen to my books whilst washing up, whilst cooking. I am not the biggest fan of cooking as I was doing it since my early age, but now… not a problem. I can wash up with a pleasure, and tidy up the whole house. I can listen to my books whilst sewing, running, cycling, walking.

Have you got any daily task you don’t like or any book you always wanted to read? Grab the audio version and enjoy!

I just want to mention- the #audiobooks are addictive...

If in doubt ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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