Coaching helped me to come out of my comfort zone

''A comfort zone is a beautiful place - but nothing ever grows there''

When I started my coaching qualifications I set myself a goal to start my youtube channel and create a videos. I remember when i was thinking about it when we were doing some exercises to understand the comfort zone better. But recording a video? It felt so uncomfortable... so scary...

I actually hated the way I was looking on the videos, I couldn’t stand to listen to my voice.. My English wasn’t good enough, I was worrying what people will think. I was scared of being judged. And in the same time I knew that this is something I want to do. I wanted to create a youtube channel. I knew I’ve got a message to share, that I can inspire people, that I can help somebody…

I also knew that this will help me to feel more confident, that this will help me to connect with my potential clients. I was motivated ...but I was frightened to death. I was working on it with my coach. I wanted to record that one, first video and upload in on youtube, then post it on facebook. I just wanted to have it out of the way, sorted, done…

...and in the same time that was a massive thing for me. My Coach didn’t tell me what to do, that is the coaching approach that I value, she helped me to find the best in myself and find the way to be myself. I've had to stop seeking for permission to be me.

Coach helped me to find out exactly why achieving this goal matters to me, what is there for me, how I will feel when I succeed. With Coach I was held accountable, I’ve had a plan of action, I knew when and what to do and I knew she will ask me ‘’how did it go’’. We also worked through ‘’what if’’ so I knew what can stop me, I was ready and prepared to cope with all the possible obstacles on the way. And I recorded the first video! Oh I didn’t even like when my boyfriend was watching it next to me, my voice was so annoying. I could not watch it!

And with my Coach we talked through what I’ve learnt from this experience, who I helped already, how great it was to feel that this is done. So instead of focusing on the negatives, I’ve noticed my progress and celebrated my wins. I understood that every next video will be better and better, so I am a way ahead now in compare to where I was before.

On the way I also learnt that being patient and planning every step along the way serves me more than rushing. I’ve learnt that I can achieve anything that I put my focus and energy into. I felt more confident, empowered, I believed that I can do more.

That I am worthy. Worthy of success.

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