In one of the coaching sessions, one of my dear clients told me she wants to show up as a professional, serious businesswoman.

That surprised me, because I know the description doesn’t suit her. She is a warm, honest, natural kind of person, who loves to express herself. Sometimes she’s even a little bit cheeky, which is so adorable. This is what people love about her.

I knew right away that her turning into a serious, rigid businesswoman would cut off all her magic

I’m sure you can relate to this story. We all want to show the world an image of ourselves that will attract customers, that will be loved and followed by people.

But do you want your people to appreciate you for being professional and serious?
Or do you want them to appreciate you for being you?

Another client said to me, “I love how you host your calls. You’re full of energy, you’re so playful, you make it fun. I need to be a bit more like that.”

No, she didn’t.

It isn’t about being like me, it isn’t about being like somebody else. It is about being you, truly you. Highlighting the qualities that you possess.

For me, it’s fun, playfulness and high energy. You need to find out what it is for yourself.

We all have the qualities that others admire about us. But they are so natural to us that we don’t even notice them. We forget about them and totally underestimate them.

Have you ever looked at other people’s qualities and thought “I wish I was like that”? You admire other people and even compare yourself to them.

You’re not the only one.

The problem is, every time we’re trying to be someone we are not, we are losing our magic. We’re putting our most precious gifts in a box and throwing it in the attic, when in fact our true self is exactly what we should be using, to attract more clients.

So many times we think of our qualities as imperfections, but they are the tools that will help us succeed if we would just have the courage to show them to the world.

Our customers connect to raw, authentic people, to the ones that share their personal stories and experiences, to the ones that aren’t afraid to be vulnerable, and share their losses. They connect with people with imperfections, with struggles, with warmth in their hearts, with smiles on their faces, with a desire to share a part of themselves with the world.

Show your imperfections

It wasn’t so easy and obvious to me. Until one day, during one of the personal development programmes I was going through, I shared the things about me that I didn’t like. Stories that I felt ashamed of.

I showed all my imperfections and as a result, I attracted so many amazing clients.

They told me they feel comfortable with me because they could relate to the stories I shared. They felt like I wasn’t going to judge them for their mistakes because they’ve seen me accepting my own.

Find out what they love about you

As I was doing work on my branding with amazing Brand Strategist Kate Pollitt from she helped me to find out what my clients admire about me.

It quickly became transparent that people love my positive energy and this is what mostly drew them to me and my events.

I’ve learned people love that I make things simple and that I bring tons of fun and play. I never considered this could be so important to my clients. It was something so natural to me.

That’s why it’s important to ask your people what they love about you. Ask your friends what they admire about you. And show it in your marketing. Highlight it with your photos, stories, colours, behaviours.

Notice what YOU like

When my client said “I want to look professional”, I asked her what she appreciates about people she buys from.

After reflecting on the services she paid for in the last few years, it was clear to her that she appreciated personal support, playfulness, authenticity. She didn’t care if the people she buys from had serious and professional looking pictures on their social media. She quickly ditched the idea that she needed to look professional and serious.

What do you appreciate about other people?

Stop worrying what others think

This is a huge one! I remember when I was struggling to create my first video. It took ages because I was worried about what people would think about me.

The most important thing that helped me was to remember who needs to hear my message, see my video and get my help. I’m very motivated by helping others so, whenever I doubted myself, I thought about the person who needed my help.


Every time you feel you need to be someone you’re not, just so that the world will like you, be confident in your own gifts, in your own way of being.

There is no one like you in this world, and that is your superpower.

Show up as YOU in your business, because your clients will love you, and that will help your audience to grow bigger and bigger.

You’ll be able to expand your business, attract people that appreciate you more. And, your work will become even more pleasurable.