You may be thinking ‘do I have to post daily on my Facebook page or Instagram page?’ or ‘do I even have to do it a few times a day?’ You may even wonder ‘do I need to be on all of these platforms?’ You don’t have the answers to your questions. And, that’s why you’re here.

I can quickly say “OF COURSE NOT!!” Many people think that it is the algorithm and I have to post daily. In this blog post, I’ll tell you why you don’t have to post daily anywhere and what is more important if you want to use your social media to attract clients and sell your services.

Your facebook page, your instagram profile, your linkedin profile – they are like your show windows.

<wink wink>

Imagine, if you had a shop in a quiet street and barely anyone passes from there. Would it be your priority to continue making your shop window look amazing? Would that be the most important action of your business? Imagine, how much revenue would you get from that action? Would that make any sense? The answer is simple…..


In the same way, think about your social media channels. Your Facebook account is like a shop window. Of course, you need to look after it but this cannot be your priority.

That’s the reason why my answer to ‘do I have to post daily or a few times in a day on a Facebook account or Instagram page’ is NO!!! THIS IS NOT THE ACTION THAT DIRECTLY BRINGS CLIENTS….

You’ll see people active and posting daily on their page. They do it because they have time, they have somebody helping them. They do it because they have clients, their business is growing so they can focus on making sure that the window of their shop looks pretty and amazing.

Creating content can be a part of building your brand strategy, growing your audience but it isn’t the priority action to take. Being on every social media platform, posting a few times a day? Forget about it. Maybe this works for businesses with thousands of followers but not when you are just starting!

This is not your priority. The most important thing is to be ‘where your ideal clients are’. And, if your shop window is facing a quiet street, then my dear friend, your clients are not there. If you are just starting and you don’t have many followers on your Facebook page, in that case, this isn’t a busy street.

What is more important, when you are using social media and when you want to sell on social media is “BE WHERE YOUR CLIENTS ARE!!” Now, that’s so simple but some people forget about it…

Your ideal clients hang around in many places, but I promise they are not on your Facebook page. Think about what they might be searching for, where they may be hanging around. What they are reading, what courses they are taking. Where is something that they want to see or watch, or they are interested in? Here, you need to ask yourself, ‘where would they like to hang out?’ You need to be super clear on that.

Take a moment, and ask yourself ‘do you spend more time in creating contents or posting contents on social media or do you engage with your clients where they are?’

It’s ok. I made the same mistake when I was starting. I was posting and posting. Didn’t really think that unless I go and attract my people to my ‘shop window’, they will not find it. So I went out and found them first.

Where can you go (online or offline) where your clients hang around? It can be even pages of already existing coaches in your niche. They may be struggling to respond to all the comments, there may be already tons of questions you could answer. There might be great facebook groups (especially those paid ones) where your clients love hanging around, there might be meetups and other places where your people are. Think about one place and commit to go there often. Engage with your people where they are.

Where can you go? let’s brainstorm together in the comments. And if you have no clue where to find your clients, reach out for help. Don’t struggle on your own!



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