If you want to authentically 10x your business, I can help

I’m here to believe in you unconditionally so you can implement all these ideas that are on your list to do.


You are meant for more and I will show you how to prioritize, be yourself, so you can authentically attract clients that you enjoy working with.

I can help you if you’re done with searching for new courses and strategies and you’re ready to invest the time and money to expand your business.


You need to be ready for a proper shift to the new bold and courageous CEO of your next-level business.


Be ready to do the inner work so you can charge more, work with people you enjoy working with, have a greater impact in the world and increase your income.

Even though now I run a fulfilling coaching business that brings joy, satisfaction and money I used to struggle for the whole first year in my business.


It was like a gamble to find out how much I’ll earn the next month. I was afraid that nobody will pay what my services were worth. I was stressed all the time, even though I was meditating I couldn’t enjoy the present moment and quite often I was choosing to work other than enjoy myself.


But then so often I’ve found myself wasting time, scratching my head and just worrying. I felt overwhelmed, even though I’ve had so many great ideas, I was struggling to choose and prioritize. So most of my projects were unfinished.


When something went well, I wasn’t happy anyway as I knew I could have done better. Many times I’ve been beating myself up after the workshops, seminars or webinars even if people gave me an amazing feedback. 

I was sabotaging myself, sometimes not even responding to messages as I was scared to be too successful while others around me were struggling. And with all of that I felt alone, I didn't want to worry my partner or focus on the negatives, bring the negative energy so I kept all my struggles to myself.

There were a few AHA moments that really helped me to shift and let my business to grow:


While working with my business mentor I realized that I needed to take my business seriously and it didn't mean to stop having fun, but to launch what I planned, use the network that I’ve built, make offers and own that business.





I’ve been learning all about business and marketing from many amazing business mentors including Luisa Zhou and Grant Cardone.

Once I took his quote to my heart ‘the biggest sale you ever make is to yourself’ everything shifted.


Huge inner work, with digging into the past with Marisa Peer and plenty of mindvalley courses helped me to value myself enough to charge what I’m worth and offer it to the world convinced about the value, without feeling salesy. From Marisa I’ve learned a great technique that I use to help my clients change their beliefs: rewiring audios that are personalized and contain exactly what they said they need to believe in order to achieve what they want. 

Another huge shift happened when I started working with a coach that offer similar services to me - real coaching. When I started paying for a Coach I started believing that others will pay for my services. And I finally felt congruent.


I really believe in the idea of investing in yourself as much that others want to invest in you and to this day I work on 1 to 1 with a Business Mentor, Coach and a Coaching Supervisor so I can not only grow my business continuously but also develop myself and my coaching and mentoring skills.

I qualified in Personal Performance Coaching with Distinction with the Coaching Academy in 2018 and earned a Level 5 Diploma in Coaching from SFEDI.


In the meantime, I’ve done Public Speaking courses with SpeakUp in Manchester and ‘Speak and Inspire’ with Lisa Nichols and Mindvalley.


All that I learn I bring to my clients, in between the sessions they have unlimited support and they can always ask for personalized feedback, review or help with their business or personal development so they can grow their skills and businesses.


So when they want to do their first live video, workshop or an interview for a podcast they can always ask me for the feedback and tips how to make it better. When they grow their facebook pages, update their websites or grow their audience in general they can also count on the personalized reviews and insights from me. I know what helped me to thrive in my business and I bring it all into my clients businesses.

I help coaches to authentically grow soul-aligned business, together we take their business to the next level but I also work with new coaches that just want to start, get their first clients, clarify their message and specify their niche.

I’m also an Associate Coach for Coaching Inside and Out and Trafford Council where I coach Children with Challenging behaviours and their parents. Recently I started another contract with We Mind The Gap where I coach young underserved people and help them live independent lives, love themselves and follow their dreams.



However different the topic I coach people on, I always bring my high energy, lots of smile and authenticity into the sessions.


I’ve got a great gift of believing in people and my clients really feel it and soon start believing in themselves more. Quite often they say I exceeded their expectations. 


If you already feel like we are the right fit to work together, book a call now so we can get you to the next level in your business.

Funny facts about me:
A few years ago I went cold turkey and replaced smoking into a few different addictions: audiobooks, personal development, running races and... I never stop bettering myself.
I’m a recovering perfectionist and recently realized that my best projects were the results of listening to my intuition and my spontaneous bursts of energy.

I believe that we create our own reality, the more we are connected to who we truly are the better that reality is.
My superpower is in my high energy - I will take you deep to get rid of what doesn’t serve you, make you cry and then lift you up, so you’ll feel better about yourself and the whole life will seem amazing.

You can often find me hiking in the mountains, mountain biking or running fell races in Peak District. 

let's talk about how I can help you

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