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© 2018 by Wioleta Wydrych

from unfulfilled and frustrated
to fulfilled and happy!

I know, I know.. you've got enough!

I'm Wiola- Certified Life Fulfillment Coach

I'm here to help you find fulfillment in your life by digging deep within the real you, so you can start thriving (instead of surviving). 

If you want to make a difference in this world but your crappy self image is holding you back - you are in the right place!

I can help you if you want to help others and create something meaningful but you're getting in your own way.
I was my own worst enemy for years so I know what I'm talking about...


For most of my life I didn't do what I love, I was wasting my time, partying every weekend, having boring, unfulfilling jobs, climbing the corporate ladder (on the wrong wall :P )


it took me a proper burnout, then divorce (I was hard to cope with anyway),




...and redundancy (on a day when I decided to leave)


to wake up and re-design my life! That's when I started doing what I love!

I've learnt to LOVE MYSELF,



I stopped smoking and drinking, started meditating daily, reading personal development books, audiobooks,


I became super extremely HONEST ABOUT MY FEELINGS, about what I like, what I love, WHAT I WANT

 I stopped being a people pleaser, instead I was honest about what I want and why


I noticed positives in my failures, stopped feeling guilty for everything that went wrong, instead I became to LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES. I stopped FEELING GUILTY for my choices. I stopped beating myself up for damaging my marriage. I FORGAVE MYSELF


I started writing about everything I went through and the book I write was such a HEALER for me


I understood myself. I became MYSELF




It felt like dying and being born again,


I FEEL FREE now, at peace with myself,  I feel joy with every minute,


I am happy even before I reach my goals. I feel like I am here, I am present in my life, I enjoy it!

 I appreciate what I’ve got and who I am, my life is full of gratitude!


I do what I love


Now I want to help others

That’s why I started studying coaching and counselling,


I help people to live fulfilling life and feel good about themselves!


To live the life they've always wanted (without seeking for approval)


To be happy without damaging their relationships.


and achieve their goals IN ALIGNMENT WITH THEIR VALUES

without beating themselves up, without overwhelm, stress and burnout.

3 funny facts about me:

-I am addicted to the audiobooks 

-I love singing Whitney Houston (and you wouldn't like to hear that) 

-I collect certificates (love learning and taking the new trainings and courses)

- ok, one more - I love cakes :D

let's talk about how I can help you